Dr Garg's Critical Care Clinic

Dr Garg’s Critical Care Clinic is India’s first-ever “Critical Care Clinic” which is headed by senior Intensivist Dr Suneel K Garg. Dr Garg Critical Care Clinic is a group of specially trained critical care physicians, who offers a scope and intensity of services significantly different from, but complementary to, those provided by the general physicians or the primary care provider. General physicians have limited medical practice & their area of medical knowledge is restricted to a specific field of study but Critical care doctor has multiple specialties compiled into one. 

Over the past several decades, numerous studies have documented the benefits of the care and outcome of acute and critically ill medical patients when critical care specialists are directly or integrally involved in patient care. In addition to the clinical benefit, the presence of a dedicated critical care physician helps to diagnose the patient's illness/threatening signs in the early stages due to the diversity of skills & their specialty in multi-disciplines. Combining the unique skills of each specialty in a physician, our intensivist provides optimal critical care to the patients.


Virtual & physical consultation by critical care doctors

Specialized Doctor’s Visit @Home


Diagnosing threatening signs in early stage

Broader range of specialized services

One stop solution for pre/post ICU patients

Affordable access to critical care

24X7 availability


  • Request:
    Book an online appointment on our website or simple call on +91-9999500123
  • Response:
    Our executive will schedule an appointment
  • Prescription:
    Prescription will be made either virtually over audio-visual call or physically while patient will be visiting in the clinic
  • Follow-ups:
    We are available 24X7 for any concern or query