Dr Garg's Equirent

Dr Garg’s equirent offers a wide range of quality medical equipment on rent/sale making healthcare more accessible & affordable. With the availability of medical equipment at home, patients will no longer have to worry about visiting a hospital/clinic to monitor their vitals.  


Air mattress- bubble/tube

Bi-PAP/CPAP/Single circuit/Double circuit ventilators

Cardiac monitors

DVT pump with stockings

ICU beds/recliner- automatic/manual

IV stand

Oxygen cylinder

Oxygen concentrator

Suction apparatus

Syringe/Infusion pump


24X7 assistance

Easily accessible & affordable

Easy replacement

Services at the doorstep

Technical consistency

Try & buy


  • Request:
    Order for an equipment on our website or simple call on +91-9999500123
  • Response:
    Our executive will call you to understand your need of equipment
  • Sales Team:
    Based on your need, our executive will appoint sales team to demonstrate the equipment
  • Order:
    After receiving order for rent/sale from you, equipment will be delivered at your place
  • Installation:
    Senior technician and ill visit at your place to install the equipment