Dr Garg's eSMART ICU

Dr Garg's eSMART ICU is an enabling technology that monitors Home patients, Ambulance patients, In-Hospital Ward patients, In-Hospital ICU patients, OPD patients, and Elderly patients. Dr Garg’s eSMART ICU permits doctors and nurses who are specialists in critical care medicine to manage the care of patients in multiple distant units. Our eSMART ICUs save lives and increase both the productivity and the reach of critical care specialists in distant and remote locations. It provides a solution to the scarcity of critical care resources and the growing physician and nurse shortage. 

We believe that quality healthcare is required not just in metro cities but also in rural and remote areas as every life is precious and keeping this in mind, we are working towards maximizing the critical care landscape by empowering the intensivists and healthcare professionals with our technology.
Dr Garg’s eSMART ICU connects a central command center staffed by a team of senior intensivists and critical care nurses with patients at Home, Ambulance, In-Hospital-Ward, In-Hospital-ICU, OPD, and Elderly patients. Our continuous, real-time audio-video and e-rounds of vital signs connect the command center to the patients’ bedsides & our computer-managed decision support systems track each patient’s status and give alerts when negative trends are detected and when changes in treatment patterns are scheduled. 

Dr Garg’s eSMART ICU a clinically proven program to improve quality outcomes & reduce ICU mortality rates. 

During the time of COVID-19, our eSMART ICU was a great success as our healthcare professionals and frontline workers provided outstanding services which minimized the risk of infection by providing real-time virtual care to the patients in not only urban but also in remote areas and saved 5000+ patients. 


24*7 e-monitoring

Access to highly trained intensivists/critical-care physicians

Care prioritization

Cost effective solution

Daily e-rounds

Earlier interventions for critically ill patients

Improve patient outcomes

Protocol-driven & quality care practices