Dr Garg’s ICU Care @Home

We understand that a perfect home sows the seed of love and care. There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort. Saiman Healthcare offers the world’s first comprehensive Dr Garg’s ICU Care @Home with 24X7 audio-visual remote monitoring & e-rounds through Dr Garg’s eSMART ICU command center which ensures the right treatment with accurate monitoring, backed by a team of qualified and trained clinical professionals and a strong tech-based system.
We provide advanced ICU Care @Home for patients who are critically ill, living with chronic diseases, elderly patients, physically challenged, and other people by providing exceptional clinical services in an affordable price. 

The team consists of critical care doctors, physiotherapists, well-trained critical care nurses & other support staff with advanced technical equipment with individual attention. 


Covid care

Post Covid care

Critical care

Pulmonary care

Neuro care

Cancer care

Trauma care

Post-operative care

Palliative care


Advanced ICU Care

COVID and Post COVID Care

Highly Skilled Critical Care Nurses

Advanced Critical Care Physiotherapy

Critical Care Healthcare Attendant

Specialized Doctor’s Visit

Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy/Targeted Therapy

Hemodialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis

Affordable Equipment on Rent/Sale

10. ABG/Blood/Urine/Stool Test

Digital X-Ray/ECG/EEG/FibroScan/Holter Monitoring/Sleep Study

24X7 Audio-Visual Remote Health Monitoring


Personalized care

Professional protocol

Supervision by critical care Doctors

Assistance by experienced critical care nurses

Health Monitoring through e-ICU

Cost effective

Comfort and convenience for the family

Customized cost effective packages


  • Request:
    Book an online appointment on our website or simple call on +91-9999500123
  • Response:
    Our executive will schedule an appointment for hospital/home visit
  • Assessment:
    Our senior critical care nurse will visit to hospital/home to assess the patient need and requirements & other pre-requisites for ICU set up. Visiting nurse will fill-up an assessment sheet and will send to critical care team
  • Plan:
    Based on discussion with treating doctors, family members, our senior nurse visit and filling of assessment sheet, a shifting prescription request will be made by team of critical care doctors and will be send to patient’s relatives
  • Home inspection:
    Home inspection will be done by senior technician after taking consent from patient’s relative to ensure good ventilated space, number of electrical points and cupboards for keeping consumables and emergency drugs
  • Services:
    Based on shifting prescription request and home inspection, services will be initiated as per plan
  • Delivery & Installation:
    All equipment will be delivered & installed at patient’s place and will be double checked by senior technician. All the emergency drugs and consumables will also be delivered at patient’s place. Portable ventilator will directly be installed
  • Shifting:
    Patient will be smoothy boarded at home in Hi-tech ACLS ambulance with critical care team
  • Treatment:
    Our team will make evaluation on arrival at home prescription after shifting of patient at home. All protocols i.e. feeding, pressure injury, weaning etc will be send separately to the treating team
  • Physical Visits:
    Specialized physiotherapist/dysphagia therapist/doctor visit will be done 48 hours
  • Monitoring:
    There will be continue 24X7 audio-visual monitoring with e-rounds by senior critical care doctor’s and paramedical team at Dr Garg’s eSMART ICU command centre